Welcome to Vivai Sicilflora

The specialist horticultural nursery "Vivai Sicilflora " began life in the 1970s thanks to the hard work and passion of the Amalfa brothers. From it's inception Vivai Sicilflora specialised in supplying the garden nursery sector and as such were among the first pioneers in this area.

The main focus in those early years was on the farming of phloxes, palms and self-rooted olive trees with the last one forming the major part of the production. The original market encompassed Sicily and the South of Italy. From the start of the new millenium however, thanks to the opening up of European borders, Vivai Sicilflora has pursued trade opportunities in the wider international market.

At the present time the company has achieved a significant level of specialization in tropical and subtropical palms with particular regard to varieties which are less well known to the public at large. Some species now cultivated had never before been farmed in Sicily. An example is the foxtail palm, Wodyetia bifurcata a plant originally from Australia and discovered by a native Australian at the end of the 1980s.

With these new specialist products as well as the traditional ones, the company can satisfy national and international clients who are interested in quality plants from both the Mediterranean and further afield.

In recent years Vivai Sicilflora has also increased its participation in industry events within the sector.

Carlo Amalfa, the youngest son of the company's owner, is in charge of any experimental work at Vivai Sicilflora and has a passion for palms which impelled him into the family business and has enabled him to realise a small but significant personal collection of palms.